Monday, October 29, 2012

Ayuttaya #2 - happy weekends

"wai" the buddha

holding coin purse all the times

Mirin loves donation box

favorite fruit - apple!

with Ko-Fon

Monday, October 15, 2012

First fever - Roseola

It's the first time that Mirin got the fever and it was so high to 41.5c on the first day night, while it dropped to normal temp in the daytime.

1st day (wed night) - high fever 41.5c with running nose / tepid sponge baths to allay the fever

2nd day - / no more running nose just high fever / I brought Mirin to hospital. They checked for influenza but it came out negative so I got paracetamol back home. / sponging her down with lukewarm + paracetamol for the whole night. (still 40c)

3rd day - while daytime temp was normal, fever came back at night again and it's around 39-40c.

4th day - back to hospital, this time they checked the blood for dengue fever and it's negative but since we let the pediatrician check your blood, we found out that you got virus and diagnostis that you have Roseola.
p.s. we so lucky that we got the best nurse to took your blood, she's quite old actually but lots of experience. She took only one needle and that's it! no serching around for vein etc. She allowed me to lay down beside you and hug you to make you feel comfort.

5th day - fever 38-40c at night

6th day (Sun) - no more fever but the rash started to appear on the face and body

7th day - the rash developed more and spreaded over the arms and legs

8th day - the rash on the face and body started to fade away but on arms and legs still there

9th day - only arms and legs rash

10th day - rash all gone!

(duration 4 oct - 11 oct 12)

1st day - still monkey :)

2nd day - so worried at the hospital

so lucky that they can took the blood only one needle

rash appear

on the face

rash on the neck faded away

swollen eyes (ignore her picking nose lolz)

on the legs

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