Thursday, August 30, 2012

2nd certificate

Today Mirin just got her second certificate from the playgroup and it's for the babies who completed the Smart Babies Programme. So next week she'll be at the new class which is Smart Toddies! Yay!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Self weaning

I've marked the date that Mirin self wean, it's actually 1year and 3month! I'm pround that I can make it till 1year which make Mirin be a healthy baby. As I recall, she never had a flu, just running nose for a couple days. Since I started to feed Mirin UHT milk at 1 year, my regular routine of nursing is reduced constantly. I nurse her only we go outside or she want to sleep. However, since last week, she just didn't ask me anymore for breastfeed, but UHT milk instead! I'm grad that I don't need to wean her by myself, she just self weaning!
Anyhow, I miss the moment that I nurse her! :/
Apparently, Mirin is cows milk allergy but not that much which make her rash and rough skin. The pediatrician suggested us to stop cow milk till two years old and substitute with goat milk or soy milk. So we decided to give Mirin soy milk in the daytime while goat milk before bed time. And Mirin's needs seem to get higher, she drinks right after get up in the morning, after lunch, in the afternoon and before bed.

drink milk with cheerios

cannot take only one at the time!

Lovely Friday

Yesterday, we went to the park which quite close to our house. I was so surprised why I've never found this place before. It is a very nice place where its near to the river and surrounded by the trees.
Anyway, Mirin loves walking around like always. I tried to let her walk bare feet on the grass but she refused. Maybe she hates grass just like me! hahaha! but I'll try again next time we come here. We plan to take you here every Friday!

So tried to walk anymore!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pattaya Trip 2

Our 3days trip at Pattaya was very happy trip actually. Mirin slept well ate well and just a little bit fuzzy! I brought lots of Mirin stuff with us such as sheet, blankets and toys etc to make sure she feels comfortable like staying at home. The first day, we went to the open zoo which Mirin was so enjoyable walking around while the second day, we went to the Underwater World and Art in Paradise Museum (3D Museum). On the last day, we went to the temple before going back home.

there're also few bags in the

feeding antelope

cute bearcat

with bearcat

going to feed something! lol

second day at Under Water World


cute smile



at Art In Paradise Museum

Mirin thinks it's a real dog! hahaha

breakfast at the condo

last day at the temple

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