Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fav menu

One of Mirin's favorite menu is ต้มกระดูกหมู. I've been trying to do many menu for you but seem likes you love this one much. Actually, there's another menu which is chicken and onion (I'll post later) that you also like it. You finish all everytime I feed with those menu. This is how I cook, I didn't follow the recipe in the book I just put everything that I think the taste will turn out sweet as I don't put any condiments on your food. It's very easy to cook..

Boil the ribs to make it tenderness

Prepare the veg: carrot and cabbage

One chop onion

Put everything togerther and just leave it to boil over medium heat for about 3-4 hrs

Done! everything will be tenderness

Store in ice cube tray : smash to soft past ( I also keep the soup seperately) (actually it come out more than this but I forget to take the pic :P)


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