Monday, August 20, 2012

Pattaya Trip 2

Our 3days trip at Pattaya was very happy trip actually. Mirin slept well ate well and just a little bit fuzzy! I brought lots of Mirin stuff with us such as sheet, blankets and toys etc to make sure she feels comfortable like staying at home. The first day, we went to the open zoo which Mirin was so enjoyable walking around while the second day, we went to the Underwater World and Art in Paradise Museum (3D Museum). On the last day, we went to the temple before going back home.

there're also few bags in the

feeding antelope

cute bearcat

with bearcat

going to feed something! lol

second day at Under Water World


cute smile



at Art In Paradise Museum

Mirin thinks it's a real dog! hahaha

breakfast at the condo

last day at the temple


  1. wow I love the arts. wish they have them here in the US.



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