Sunday, February 01, 2015

First dental visit

Well, actually it's the second time of dental visit. The first time was when she was around one year old and at that time the dentist just checked the teeth. But this time, after cleaned all the teeth, the dentist put the fluoride on Mirin's teeth. Mirin did a great job, she didn't cry or scare at all! I can see her legs moving along with the music that open in the room. :)


  1. She looks like she’s having little trouble on the chair. I love how she posed for the camera after she had her work done. If she’s that excited, try to keep her with the same dentist for as long as you can. Looks like a very friendly and safe environment for the little ones to get their teeth worked on.

    1. Thank you for your advised. Yes I try to make an appointment with the same dentist for her :) And I think she's too small for the chair, that's why she looks uncomfortable.



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